Sunday, March 15, 2009

Be a good neighbor...

Today the kids were invited over to Sue's house after Sunday School. They love to go to Sue's house and I love for them to go to Sue's house because it awards me some time to get the house picked up, the groceries purchased and even get some laundry done or get to the gym for the much needed work out.
The picture above is the kids in their rain boots and spring coats. Sue told me that often when she takes the kids on walks they want to pick up junk off the streets. She always tells them that they will do that on a different day. According to Sue, today was the day to pick up junk. The kids went out with bags and picked up trash off the streets. They loved it and I am sure the neighbors did too.
It was such a nice weekend around here. I know we all have spring fever around here now. It has been a long and cold winter and we all can't wait for spring and new life to begin around here. Signs of spring are in the air and it feels great. The kids spent a lot of time outside this weekend and they loved it. There favorite thing right now is to put their rain boots on and go walk in puddles. They get very muddy but they sure do have a good time.

Today, K asked Sue if the Mud around here is the sinking kind. I think he meant quick sand. Sue told him that we don't have that kind around here. He then turned around and got both of his feet stuck in the mud. He then told Sue "we sure do have sucky mud around here"!

It is great to feel refreshed going into a new week.

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