Friday, May 27, 2011

Field Trip to the Farm

On Monday I had the pleasure of escorting the Kindergarten class to a local farm and then to a park for a lunch picnic.  WOW!  It was such a fun day.  The kids learned all about farms, farm animals, how they are feed and cared for.  They had an opportunity to hold baby chicks, a personal favorite for E who loves Ducks.  They fed the chickens and we saw a baby calf who was 2 months old.

This is the last field trip of the year for the kiddos as in a few weeks they will have completed their school year and they will be officially considered 1st graders.  Yikes did that go by way to fast. 

I truly enjoyed this field trip and I realized that Jon and I have meet so many incredible families this year.  The teacher they had this year, Mrs. R is truly amazing and from what I hear, these kids are more than ready for 1st.  It is amazing how far they have come this year and we are so proud of all of them.  We have had a few bumps in the road with some stuff this school year but in the end, we are so pleased with how it turned out.

I get to spend some more time in the class room next week for the kids 7th Birthday.  I can't wait.  I will be bringing a fun snack and I will get to see all the kids do the "Birthday Stuff" that each kid gets to do on their Birthday. 

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