Monday, May 16, 2011

Metropolis Memories

This past week, the kids did not have school on Friday so we headed to a water park hotel for some fun.  This hotel included a large water park area with slides, a lazy river, and lots of fun water activities.  One of the slides scared me to death because it was PITCH black inside.  I am not fond of the dark so I put my "mom" face on and went down that slide over and over and over again.  Tina and I even braved the big green water slide that literally went straight down.  We both laughed and Dave caught it on video so I am sure that will be back to haunt me.

There was also an action center that had bowling, KoKarts, games, bumper cars and so much more.  It was a fun overnight trip and the best part about it was spending time with some of our favorite friends the Clarks. I think we all vowed to do it again sometime. 
We even managed to get a few games of Jokers in and Tina and I are proud to announce that we beat the guys!  Yahoo as the win was a LONG time coming. 

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