Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun at the Little Beach

Last night we were invited to go over to our friends the L's for a party at their beach. We had a blast. They also had the C's over. All three families have triplets and the L family also has an older daughter too. There were six adults and 10 children.

The kids had so much fun swimming in the lake and making sand castles. We all brought picnic dinners and ate right there on the beach. Then at the end of the night after cleaning up the disaster that all of us made on the beach, we cleaned it all up and then the guys took the boat out for a ride and all us ladies took the kids back in the house and gave all 10 kids a bath and put PJ's on. Amazingly, it went well. The L's want us all to come back again so that is a good sign.

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