Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Smile Making Stories

This is a story Sue sent to me from her visit with the kids the other day. I thought I would share as it made me smile.

I found an old intercom system so I put one end in the playhouse and the other in the kitchen. The kids got way too excited about it and didn't quite understand. I told them to go into the play house and I would call them on the intercom when lunch was ready, and then they could come up to the deck and pretend they were at a restaurant. Well I told them it was time on the intercom, and then they yelled out the door of the playhouse that they were coming, rather than tell me on the intercom. Soon came a whole big entourage. Apparently Ella decided her baby was coming so they needed a high chair, which Kendrick was carrying. They they had to bring the baby's food too. We got all settled and I said when people go out to dinner, they talk about their week. So Kendrick said he would go first. Apparently we have been doing too much pretend story telling because he launched into a big tale. Aimee said a little something pretend. Then Ella went and told us her name ( which was not Ella, but something else), she told us she was 31 and that Aimee was 20, and her baby was really a boy and ate all his food. She chatted just like she was someone who was 31. When she was done eating, she got money out of her purse to pay, and told everyone to come and for KJ get the high chair. Aimee of course stayed because she wanted to help with the dishes.

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