Thursday, July 31, 2008


"Whatever the past has gone, the best is yet to come." Lucy Larcome

Last week, I turned 33! That is not old, not old at all but it is amazing to me that with each new year and Birthday, I am starting to notice the less excitement I have about them. I don't feel old but I have noticed that the last few times I have gone to buy a bottle of wine or some beer at the liquor store, I have not been carded. YIKES! Do I look old? I guess I haven't noticed.

Having a Birthday is so much more fun when you have kids around. They LOVE to sing Happy Birthday, Eat Cake, Open gifts, and have a party. They really enjoyed my balloons and of course the cake. It was a fun party we had over at Grandma's house. Jon and I also got to go out for dinner one night with some of our closest friends. Overall, this Birthday celebration was awesome, even if I did not feel like celebrating.

I was spoiled rotten and it was clear that everyone who knows me was not going to let me forget this Birthday.

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