Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dorthy Shoes

I picked these shoes up at the Bi Annual Multiples garage sale. Luckily, I found two pairs on these in the same size. The girls LOVE them. They wear these around the house and out of the house whenever it is possible. I call them Dorthy shoes as they remind me of the Wizard of Oz. E and A call them their red sparkle shoes.
The other day my mom accused me of being a shoeaholic when it comes to the kids. (Jon would tell you that I am a shoeaholic when it comes to myself). I may be a shoeaholic but I am a smart one because I buy their shoes second hand and they are much much cheaper that way. I might have to find some Holiday Dresses that will match these shoes.
Regardless, it brings me much joy when I see the girls eyes light up over some sparkle shoes that I paid $6 (for both pairs) for. Jon says I am teaching them young to be fashion divas. With the way E responds to getting dressed in the morning I would say that is true. The only problem is I need to teach them about the Fashion part since we tend to disagree on that several times a day! I am in so much trouble but at least I can smile about it.

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Anonymous said...

oh those shoes are great! We called them Dorothy shoes too!! Jill had the same shoes in preschool and 1st grade....and wore them everywhere, she loved them so much. this was back when she loved tights, wanted to wear dresses everyday, favorite color was pink and loved to do pretty things with her hair. she wore those shoes with sweatpants, swimming suits, anything...they were so worn out the toes weren't even red anymore but she couldn't give them up.