Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Five Little Monkeys Sitting on a Gate...

This past weekend was filled with lots of parties, pumpkins, and fun. On Friday we went out for a nice dinner with our friend J. Then we headed over to a local store so I could make an exchange for a gift that we received that was damaged. They had childcare available at this store and I have never put the kids in there before but they insisted they wanted to go in and play. So we checked them in and J and I had an hour to shop while they played. They LOVED it and they did not want to go home when it was time to go. I guess I need to take them there more often. I will just need to learn to be a better window shopper so my wallet likes the set up too!
On Saturday we went to the annual multiples Halloween party. It was a riot. The kids decorated their own cookies, fished for treats, did some pumpkin bowling and they even participated in a parade. Our friends the C triplets were there too so we hung out with them. After our multiples party we stopped by a pumpkin patch on the way home where they were having a party. The kids loved jumping in the jumpy house and playing more games for prizes.
After the pumpkin patch we went home and ate some lunch then my good friend M and her daugther K arrived and we all headed to the Children's Museum for an afternoon of adventure. After the museum we headed home and M and K spent the night with us. It was a full day of lots of excitement and fun.
Sunday we headed off to Sunday School and Church. I really have been enjoying being able to go to church and relax while my kids are in Sunday School learning about God. It is the perfect set up and it feels great to be back in a church routine. Sunday afternoon we headed over to H household for the annual pumpkin carving party. We had a blast and with the help of some friends we got all three pumpkins carved in no time. S always plans such a fun party and the kids and adults alike just LOVE it every year.
Daddy was gone all weekend on a hunting trip. He had a great time but we missed him terribly. The kids were all excited to see him when he got home. Today I took some much needed time for myself. It felt good.

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