Thursday, October 09, 2008

Where's the love?

The following is some dialog in our house tonight.

A: Daddy your new hair cut looks really nice on you?

D: Thank you A.

As Jon was fixing the light tonight:

A: Daddy you are a good fixer upper around here.

D: Thanks A

A: Your Welcome Daddy

It was at this point that I was in the kitchen and I said "What is going on around here? I never get praise for doing anything?" At this point Jon was laughing out loud at me. I then continued to say "I never get get a thank you mommy for washing my clothes, making me dinner, cleaning the house, picking up our stuff " I am not sure I have ever hear that I had a nice hair cut either. So I was feeling VERY unappreciated until I happened to notice a bag from the dollar store on the counter. It was then brought to my attention that Daddy took the kids to the Dollar store today and let them pick out treats. Of course he is the best, smartest, nicest, oh and best looking daddy in the whole wide world!

K helped Jon fix the light tonight. It was really cute to watch him be Daddy's little helper.

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