Thursday, October 23, 2008

Garlic Breathe

So today I ordered a Turkey Sandwich for lunch. The minute I took a bite of it, I knew that it was going to give me very bad breathe. It was loaded with Garlic. I love Garlic so it was not a problem for me but I do feel bad for my co-workers and my family. Just the other night I was out with the mothers of multiples and the dish that I ate had a lot of garlic. After I got home that night I was sitting across the room from Jon and he asked me if I had garlic for dinner. It must have been bad.
Tonight, K walked into the room and he said phew mommy something stinks in here. As he got closer he said "It coming from your mouth mommy!" It must be bad if he notices. Although he has been saying some funny things lately.
Just yesterday, I told him that he needed to get his hair combed so he could go play at his friend E's house. He told me "I think E won't mind my hair just like this." Then when Jon came into the kitchen from getting dressed for the day K said "Daddy, you look really nice in your sweater today!"
We were also told by his teacher that he the rule enforcer at school. Jon told the teachers that if we could just make that last maybe he would stay out of trouble for awhile. I guess at the very least I better teach him about manners and bad breath comments.
So tonight to save everyone, even the house plants from my breath we all got bundled up and went for a walk through the neighborhood. It was a nice night for it and the kids and I had fun counting all the pumpkins that we could see. I think we ended with 13. It is nice that we are now at the point where the kids can go for a walk with me and I do not need to carry them or push a stroller the size of Texas!
Now I am off to brush my teeth over and over so I can at least get good night kisses from my family.

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