Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008

Today came and went in the blink of an eye. Jon and I both really enjoyed the kids and their excitement today. They were bouncing off the walls all day. Today we decided to spend as a family since both Jon and I had time off of work. We asked the kids what they would like to do. They just kept saying "Trick or Treating"! We all decided to head to the Mall to go on some rides and hang out. It was a great time and so relaxing to just spend some time the five of us. It has been a rare treat this past month with working and trips.
We then stopped by Grandma Mary's house to "practice" trick or treating. The kids hid behind trees and ran up to the door. They really had a great time. Grandma was thrilled we stopped by too.
We then headed home to get ready for the big night. J came over for our annual Halloween party. She brought the pizza and it was yummy! The kids could hardly eat two bites of dinner because they were so excited. We then got all the kids dressed up and ready to go. K was a cowboy and A & E were princesses. We went to many more houses tonight than last night but at every house the kids said Thank you so that always makes a mother feel good. K would ask numerous questions of everyone that opened their doors. Jon and I just smiled at each other. I was a little nervous about what he would ask but most of the questions were about peoples pets and what kind the have.
Overall it was a great day. Holidays such as Halloween are so much fun with kids. We can't wait for Christmas. It is going to be a blast.
Happy Halloween!

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Tana said...

After seeing Finn's toys strewn all over the house a little cowboy just had to ask us why our house was so messy. It was picked up before the next group of kids arrived. :-)