Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

Today was a beautiful fall day here. WOW! It was so nice and I tried to soak up all the rays I could because I know soon it will be cold and miserable outside.
We headed over to Uncle T's house for some football today and at half time we had fun playing tackle football in Uncle T's yard. It is a blast to watch these kids run around and tackle each other playing football. A is not sure about being tackled but the other two LOVE it. K is so into sports right now it is great. He loves to play and watch sports. Just tonight he choose to cheer for the Tampa Bay Rays on his own. Even when his Uncle T said we need to cheer for the Red Sox! He will be thrilled when he wakes up tomorrow to find out that "his" team won.
After our football watching, we all decided it was time to take a walk. I was thinking it would be fun to walk up to the park but then Grandpa pointed out that it is supposed to be beautiful down in the woods. Uncle T and I decided to trace our old steps and take the kids down into the woods. They LOVED it and it was beautiful. My only regret is that I did not have my camera with me to capture the awesomeness of the colors. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The kids loved it too.
After our nature hike we ended up at the park where Uncle T and myself played a few games of tether ball and I took a beating. It was fun thought. The kids showed us all their tricks at the park and then we moved over to the softball fields where they ran the bases over and over again pretending that they were playing a game. It was a ton of fun and a beautiful weekend for lots of outdoor play.

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Heather H said...

Mr KJ is a smart smart little boy to be cheering for the Rays! I didn't think the red sox needed to be in the world series this year :)It'll be fun to see who he cheers for in the world series :)

I have to agree with you about the beautiful-ness of fall. I LOVE the fall colors!