Monday, February 16, 2009

Beautiful Boy...

Tomorrow my sweet little boy is going to have his first experience with Surgery. We are headed to the Oral Surgeon so K can have his front tooth removed. He chipped it last spring when he fell off his trike. They told us that the day might come where we would have to have it removed but we were hoping that since it was a baby tooth it would just fall out on its own. So tomorrow, K, Grandma, and myself are off for K to have his first surgery. I am a little nervous about having him go "under" but so many people have assured me that this is safe.
We are praying that tomorrow goes smoothly and that K has little to no pain from the procedure. Tonight as he was giving the girls their kisses goodnight, he told me "I am really going to miss my girls tomorrow mommy". Sooo cute. He is excited to get his tooth in a jar so he can show daddy. He is also excited for the Tooth Fairy to come and he told Jon "Then I will have more money than you daddy"! I will post how it all goes tomorrow. Until then, keep up all in your prayers...especially K.

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