Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 1 ~ Disney Magic

We made it!!! Today was a long day of travel and we even had an hour and half delay with our airplane but these kids were troopers through it all. I will never forget the excitement of pulling into the gates of Disney and the people on the Disney Magical Bus erupting into cheers. The kids were literally bouncing off the bus walls, as they were so excited to finally be at Disney World!
I have to say that everyone we talked to about Disney was right because this just might be the “happiest place on earth”! All of the staff has been so helpful and friendly.
The room is nice and spacious and we are on the monorail so that makes life so much easier. We ate dinner tonight at the Wave as we were all ready for a real meal. This allowed the adults to have a cocktail and the kids got kiddie cocktails with fun light up characters on them.

After dinner we headed over to the Magic Kingdom and we just missed the fireworks display. They each got a glow in the dark Mickey Mouse sword (thanks to Grandma M) and then we headed to Fantasy Land so we could ride the Tea Cups. We took one ride in the cups and then we were in line for the Dumbo ride and K was so tired he almost fell asleep on Jon’s shoulder. We decided we would head back to the room so we could all get some much-needed rest.
Once we got back to the room, the kids got their 2nd wind or should I say their 82nd wind of the day and they had a dance party in their new jammies. They finally crashed just a few minutes ago and now we are sitting here enjoying the silence. I can say that we are all so excited to be here and we are so glad that Grandma M is with us too because it is nice to have one adult to one child.

I vow to update each day (however publish sparingly since it is extra $ for internet service) so we can document our entire trip here at the Happiest Place on Earth! As they say around here…”have a Magical Day”

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