Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 4 ~ Disney Magic

MARATHON!!!!!! Today was the first day that we used the strollers and it was a good thing. The kids made it all day and never once were upset about how much we were doing or that they wanted to go back to the hotel. We started at Magic Kingdom when they opened at 9:00 am, went to Epcot after lunch and got back to the room at 10:15 pm. The trio did awesome, they were great sports about our adventure. As stated, we started at the Magic Kingdom when they opened. We really lucked out because we got there just in time for one of Mickey’s shows at the Castle. We watched (and video taped) the show and then went on a few rides (race cars, Mickey’s 3D Magic show, Winnie the Pooh and Snow White’s ride, oh….and don’t forget the Tea Cups…). We were all pretty hungry so we decided to have lunch and Kendrick ate so fast and drank so much water that he ended up getting sick. Luckily it was not the flu and was just anxiety and fast eating. All was well and we decided to make a run to Epcot. On our way out we ran into Daisy Duck and of course had to stop and say “hi”.
We got to Epcot and went in the big ball (which is really a ride into space….time travel is pretty cool and we all got a glimpse into how easy life will be in the future).
After the space ride we went to the Finding Nemo part of the park. We went on the ride to find Nemo and then got to see “Crush” the most coolest turtle in the world duuuuuddddde……. That was a lot of fun for all of us! After Crush we decided it was time to tour the world, so we strolled through the rest of planet Earth and stopped in Germany for some good cold beer.
We finished our tour of the world and went back to Japan for dinner at a Teppan Edo’s, where they cook the food right in front of you. The kids weren’t really into it and we are not sure if it is because they don’t like that kind of food or because they were already full from the treats that Grandma A was buying during the day (most likely the second choice). The trio really enjoyed watching the cook and K was even flirting a little bit as she prepared his meal. After dinner we went on the Soaring ride. It was a blast, but Jon and K had a little adversity to deal with because K decided at the last minute he needed to go to the bathroom, so Jon took him and we decided to all meet up after the ride. Well, it was AWESOME…..Grandma, Grandpa, Nicole, A, and E went together and Jon and K went together. K was ready and willing, and actually looking forward to it because it was going to be just like flying, or as daddy put it “just like jumping from one bed to the other in the hotel room only for a lot longer”. As Jon and K got to the front of the line (second time) K started to get nervous again. He was really worried because he didn’t want to get sore and it was then that Jon figured out that he was afraid he would get hurt because the name of the ride was “Soaring” and he thought that was the same as “soaring” or being sore from something. Let me tell you, trying to explain the English language to a 4 year old is extremely complex, but in the long run, all was well and we all had a great experience on the ride. After that we got ready for the laser and fireworks show. It was great, the kids had fun, got a couple of toys and most importantly stayed awake for the show.We are sad to see Grandma and Grandpa leave tomorrow as it really has been a lot of fun with them. They spoil the kids (and parents) rotten and we will miss the extra hands. However, we are going to get together with our good friends the T’s for the day and the kids are really looking forward that. Not sure how early we will wake tomorrow, but I have a feeling that we won't make the extra hours in Magic Kingdom starting at 8 am. “Have a Magical Day”

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