Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 2 ~ Disney Magic

We were lucky enough today to sleep in. K did not roll out of bed until almost 9:30 AM! He along with all of us were so tired. We had a slow start today getting to the parks but we finally made it to Hollywood Studios around 11 AM. We walked in to see Pluto signing autographs so we got in line with our new autograph books so we could get his signature. We then got in line to greet Minnie Mouse but she went on break and much to K’s delight we got to get Goofy’s signature instead. After this we headed over to our Character lunch meal. We ate with JoJo and the lion from JoJo’s Circus, and Leo and June of the Little Einstein’s. This meal was a lot of fun because the kids got to get up and dance with the characters, get autographs, and they even did the cha cha around the restaurant with the characters. This was our first of many character meals during our stay and it went well.

After our lunch we headed over to the Muppet’s 3D show. We had a blast. It was great technology and we all enjoyed it. We stayed at the park for the Block Party Blast with the characters. This was a very lively show with lots of dancers and characters. The kids loved it and they even got up and danced. Jon missed the party because we left the video camera at the gift shop so he had to track back to get it. Luckily we found it again at the gift shop!
After Hollywood Studios we headed back to the hotel to do a little swimming. It was very windy and cool so that did not last long. We ate pizza in our room tonight and then headed back over to the Magic Kingdom to watch fireworks and see the Lights parade. We were lucky enough to get on the ride “It’s a Small World” and it was by far the favorite of the group thus far. That sums up today. It was another magical day here at Disney World. I am signing off so I can get to bed like the rest of the family. “Have a Magical Day”.

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Anonymous said...

We are so glad that you are having a great time and missing the 5-8 inches of snow we are expecting. I forgot to pack the kids boots so we will get them back to your house this weekend, you will need them! Miss you all,
Denny and Sue