Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 6 ~ Disney Magic

We got up early this morning and headed to Animal Kingdom for breakfast with Donald at 8:25 am. It was nice to get into the park before it opened and we were lucky enough to have Daisy, Goofy and Mickey join in the breakfast celebration also. The kids had a lot of fun and we all had a very good meal. After breakfast, we spent some time in Dinoworld, went on a couple of rides and then went to catch the Nemo musical. It started to get pretty warm (80 degrees I think) and we were all a little tired so we decided to head back to our room and take a little nap. After a short nap for everyone, we had lunch and went swimming and played on the beach. It was nice to just have a lazy kind of day and the kids really enjoyed just being able to play for a while. We changed clothes and then went to Magic Kingdom for the last couple hours and E really wanted to see the fireworks at the Castle. As we were walking down Main Street Disney, K told Jon that he could feel the magic and wanted to know if Jon could too. We went on a couple of rides and did the Monsters Inc Laugh Factory and K really enjoyed it. E was put up on the screen and was supposed to play peek-a-boo but she didn’t move. It was pretty funny and the kids had a great time with many laughs. We did the Small World ride one more time and then headed to watch the fireworks. K and A were all set with ear plugs as they did not want to hear the loud noise from the Fireworks. After the fireworks, we headed back to the hotel, got a late night snack (Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cookie’s around…..for the kids). It was fun to sit with the five of us on the bed in our hotel room eating our late night snacks, hanging out and talking about all the fun things we have seen and done this week! The kids just got their teeth brushed and in bed at 10:30. We are all having a wonderful time and it is so much fun to just spend the day with the kids and do whatever.

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