Saturday, October 24, 2009

Door Man and Umpire Teeth

I wanted to blog a couple of funny things that have been said around here lately.

Jon and I found out late last week that we got the house we put an offer on. We are excited but our current house has not sold so our excitement is masked by our anxiety of selling our house so wish us luck! Anyway, to get on with my story, we ran into the kids gymnastic coach a few nights ago at an Open house I attended. I never get to catch up with Ms. A because I am always working when they get to go to Gymnastics but she told me that K showed up the other day and announced to her that we are going to be moving. He told her "Yeah and our new house even has a door man"! I thought about this statement for a moment and then realized he was talking about our Realtor M that is always at the new house unlocking the door for us. We all had a good laugh about this and I told M that he needs to tell his new bride to start packing so they can move in so M can be the Door man. So cute.

Tonight as the kids were brushing their teeth, E announced to me that she has Umpire teeth and then she pointed to her eye teeth. Then she proceed to tell her brother and sister all about her umpire teeth. I laughed as she meant vampire teeth! We were at a Halloween party today and she got some "fake" vampire teeth there so she was obsessed all day with wearing her "umpire teeth"!

Kids ya gotta love'em!

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Heather H. said...

Oh goodness this is too cute!! ( yes it's 2am.. my daughter wouldn't go to sleep) I can't believe you're moving.. I'm gonna shoot you an e-mail!... In the morning :) Good Night.. Praying your house sells!!!