Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A New Hockey Star!

Last week, Jon and I decided to sign K up for Hockey again this year. Although this time it is more of a commitment to get him to practice and he will actually have games. Jon took him to get him all outfitted last week. It is safe to say that K was really PUMPED up about it and so happy to be starting "real" hockey. Jon was pretty excited for him too. It was great to see his smile and feel his excitement. K will have to work really hard this year learning how to skate and play but he assured me again and again that he really wants to do this. I think it is great for him to be so dedicated and with the help of Uncle T, Grandma Mary, Grandpa Al, and both Jon and I, we should be able to conquer "Hockey" this year and years to come if K so chooses to continue to play. So hears to our new Hockey Star!!!! Now I just need a lesson on to how to get all this equipment on and off of him! J

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