Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Fun

Some how we ended up with a lot of pumpkins this year. I think we had 8 pumpkins that needed to be carved. This past weekend we attended the annual Sue and Denny Pumpkin carving party. We had a blast and the kids love to go to the party, play games, eat treats, and carve their pumpkins. At the party we carved three of our 8 pumpkins so when Daddy got home from his hunting trip, he was excited to see that we had pumpkins left that needed to be carved.
Tonight after dinner he set up the pumpkin carving table and the kids went to work. They had a blast and there was lots of laughs which is always music to my ears. Jon had a good time helping them to get started and then he let them go to work cleaning and carving with their kid safe knives.
I was able to record a little movie of the pumpkin party. I wanted to capture Ella carving her pumpkin because she was working so hard on carving all of it out. You can hear her sigh as she is working so hard. She did end up carving the whole pumpkin her self with just a little assistance from Daddy in the end. K and A are also in this video. They are busy wiping their pumpkin master pieces up.
Watching this again tonight, all I can say is WOW these kids are getting so big. I am having so much fun as their mother. I love this age just as I have loved every age.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nik, the girls and I just watched this adorable! I can't believe Ella was carving her own pumpkin! (I forgot my gmail password so I can't show my identity on this post...this is Stacey from Bis.)