Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

We had such a fun Halloween this year. The kids really got into the Trick or Treating and E led the pack running from house to house. They got a ton of candy so I am sure we will be on a sugar high around here for the next few days. At one house they even got to make S'Mores! What a treat that was! I got to walk around with this character all night.....scary!
Our friend Jane came over with treats for all of us and we had a nice dinner "after" we took the kids out trick or treating. Jane hands candy out so both Jon and I can take the kids trick or treating. Such a nice treat for both Jon and I!!! Thank you Jane!
It was cold outside this year (in the 30's) but we all bundled up well and we had no complaints. It was a blast and Holidays are so much more fun with three little kids who really love them! God Bless.

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