Monday, October 12, 2009

Feeling Loved

Yesterday, as I attended Mass at our new church, I dropped the kids at their first Sunday School class of the year and I marched right down to the front of the church to sit in the front pew. This pew was selected a few weeks ago by our children who as we walked into the church started to run towards the front as they exclaimed "let's sit in the front"! Jon and I were both shy about it as this was a new church with new people and a new priest. However, we feel that if we sit in the front, the kids can see better and pay attention more. We feel that if our kids can demand to sit in the front we should faithfully sit there to even if the kids are not with us. Besides, there are less distractions in front which is always a bonus.
As mass started that morning, it was announced that the Anointing of the Sick was going to take place. This made my heart beat a little faster as I was a little nervous about how this was all going to "work" at the new church. You can imagine how I felt later in the mass when they asked all those who wished to be anointed that morning to please stand. I looked around me and not one person moved but since I live with MS everyday, I definitely wanted to be anointed as I need all the help I can get. So I stood up and then an amazing thing happened to me. As the congregation began to pray, I felt so much energy pumping through my body. At first I thought I was imaging it but then I realized, it was real and that the Holy Spirit was touching me in ways I have never felt before. I know this probably sounds crazy but it was so cool. I LOVED IT and I felt so loved. I just wish Jon could have been with me at this amazing moment. Healing powers and prayers are a very powerful thing. God Bless.

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