Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Octber 12?

Yesterday morning when I awoke to my little E crawling in bed with me, she exclaimed "Mom is snowed and it stuck to the ground this time! Soon there was a whole lot of excitement with three little kids running around the house all crazy about the inch of snow on the ground outside. As the mother, I replied with "oh yuck" as I cannot believe that our winter is starting so early.
On a positive note, after the kids got home from school we all got "geared" up and ran outside to play in the snow. We spent the next 2 hours outside making a snowman, a huge snow fort, snow angels, and we even had a snowball fight with each other that lead to so many giggles. We had an AWESOME time and I smiled all night and even this morning about how much fun it really had. So as much as I dread the cold weather that has already arrived this season, I can't help but smile and rejoice in the fun that it has brought the kids (even the kid inside of me). Now, here is to a few days of Indian Summer that are hopefully coming our way so we can get a few more games of football, baseball in before we are in for the long hall of snow ball fights and snow angels.

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