Monday, May 26, 2008

A Bouncy Birthday Blast!!!

Yesterday, was the big 4th Birthday celebration! I am happy to report that everyone had a great time and we the weather was AWESOME!
We were lucky enough to have both sets of Grand parents, Aunt, uncle and cousins here to help us enjoy the day. We also have many friends come over too. We had a great turn out and the kids really enjoyed spending the afternoon with so many family and friends.
We had a bouncy house again this year but in addition to the bouncy part there was also a slide off the side so that was a bonus feature. The kids (and sometimes the mommies too) bounced and bounced and bounced. We also had horse races and treasure hunts.
This year the kids each got their own cake and they thought that was really cool. Princesses for the girls and Spiderman for K.
They had a blast opening up their Birthday gifts. K was so thrilled with the gift that Grandma C and Grandpa R gave him that he exclaimed to everyone "This is just what I needed"!!! We all had a great laugh about that one.
Overall it was such a wonderful day. The kids had a blast with all of their friends. I was worried that we would get some bad weather but the sun shined throughout the whole party. What a thrill.

Last night as Jon and I reminisced on the day and their birthday party, we had many laughs and much discussion about how much they have changed these past 4 years. We both commented on how we can't believe it has been 4 years now and how much our lives have changed. Just 4 years ago we were racing to bed after the 8:30 feeding just so we could get a few hours of sleep until the midnight feeding. At that time I could not have imagined how much these kids would grow and how much joy they would bring to us.
As I have said many times before, my heart is full and it feels great to have my "family". I feel so blessed and humbled to have been given such awesome children. They told me just the other day that they are going to be 4 years old and 4 year olds are never naughty. I smiled and said "that sounds great"! Now if I catch them being naughty, then I get to remind them that 4 year olds are "never naughty". I am at peace and I feel full of love and happiness. Life is great and I look forward to all of the memories we are going to make this year with 3 - 4 year olds! Yahoooo! After all, I was told that the age between 1-101 that laughs the most is 4 years old. Here's to a year full of belly laughs and giggles.


MaryBeth said...

Happy Birthday you guys!! I love the photo of the three of them with their arms around each other... that one is priceless.

Anonymous said...

We are truly blessed with such wonderful grandkids, I had a blast at the party....

Here is to another great birthday get together...

Grandma and Grandpa Amiot

Colored With Memories said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

Precious kids...two beauties and a hunk!