Monday, May 12, 2008

Soccer Stars

We have started soccer. I was not sure what to expect when we showed up at the soccer fields the other day but much to my delight, all three of the kids had a blast playing. It was really fun to watch too. Their jersey's are huge on them but the good news is that they will fit for many years to come.
We start T-Ball in a month so I hope that goes over as well as soccer has. Ella told Grandpa Al on Sunday "we started soccer and we are really good at it"! She was right about starting soccer but they have some practice to do! I had to laugh when their first game was about to start and Aimee volunteered to be the goalie. She is usually shy and timid in new situations so I was amazed that she wanted to be the goalie. They all had a blast so I am really happy that we signed them up to start playing soccer.

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