Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vacation Preperations

We are going on a family vacation soon. WOW! It is a lot of work to prepare for vacations. I am so excited to get out of town and have some fun. I did some research on the areas that we will be visiting and it looks like their is a lot of fun "Family" stuff to do. We are going to take all three kids to the beach for the first time. I am thrilled about this as it will be fun to watch all of their reactions.

The kids are excited to go on a big airplane. I just wish I loved to fly. I intend on being very brave in front of the kids but I can honestly say that I am not a big fan of flying. Jon doesn't get that at all but at least he will be with all of us and that will help to settle my fears. After all, there is nothing to be nervous about Right?!?

Thank God I have my mom to help me wash clothes and get everyone packed. Grandma Mary not only did my laundry for me yesterday she also had the kids all day while I was busy at work. One of the Women I work with asked me the other day if I knew how lucky I was to have my mom and all her help. I replied that I did know how lucky I was and that I am very very very grateful for my mom and all she does. She has made our triplet journey so much easier. Just last night she took all the kids out to eat with my brother and our friend Jane. She said that everyone sitting around them was so surprised that "they were triplets" and then they could not believe that my mom was brave enough to take them out. Honestly, it is all we know around here.

Also, I would like to mention our good friend "Auntie" Jane. She also helps with the kids a lot. She loves to come over and hang out, she loves to have them to her house, she even took them out to dinner just a few weeks ago all by herself. The kids LOVE it. She is probably on her way over right now as I have to run Aimee to the Dentist and she is going to play with the other two. Jane has saved the day many times for us.

I also learned yesterday that our friend Sue can come to the airport with me on Saturday and help me get the kids through security and to the gate. Jon is meeting me at the airport as he will just be returning to town that afternoon. This took some of the pressure off of me so I have a little support. Jon was thrilled when he heard this too.

Bottom line...going on vacation is a lot of work but so worth it. We are so blessed to have so much support around here. THANK YOU!

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