Friday, May 30, 2008

Tribute To Ms. A

Yesterday was the kids last day of Gymnastics before the summer break. We have been in Gymnastics all year long and they just love their coach, Ms. A. She is such an awesome coach to 3-4 year olds.

Every week she always had some fun "theme" planned for the week and the kids really got into it. They never argued about going to Gymnastics. Honestly, I think KJ has a little crush on Ms. A. He is always first in line when it is time to line up and he always wants to show Ms. A his shirts, shorts, etc.. It is really funny to watch. The girls really enjoyed Ms. A too.

I am amazed at how much they improved over the year. They went from being afraid of being upside down to doing somersaults on the bars, hanging upside down like monkeys, walking the high beam, and jumping like stars on the trampolines. At first I was reluctant about spending the money on Gymnastics because I was not sure how it would go over but now I am so glad that we did. It has really helped to improve our kids coordination.

I am not sure what our schedule will be for the fall but I really hope that we will be able to join another class with Ms. A. After all, she is a superhero as it was not just my triplets in her class but two other sets. Yes, that is right, she had 9 3 year olds that she coached gymnastics too week after week. God Bless Ms. A!

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Judy said...

Wow! Three sets of triplets in one class, she must be amazing!
Do you mind if I add your blog to the triplet listings on my blog?
Judy (same age trips group)