Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mother's Day Tea

Today the kids had a Mother Day Tea at their school. I took some time off of work so I could attend. I took the camera with me and I was able to capture them singing some of their songs on tape. Below are two different videos of them singing. As you will see KJ and Ella loved to sing to the crowd but Aimee was very shy about it. This surprises me as Aimee is always the one who is singing in the car and when she is playing.

The picture below is of all three kids when they were waiting to start singing. This picture really capture my heart because if you look closely they are all holding hands. This proves that they really count on each other when they are in situations that make them feel a little uncomfortable. They were uncomfortable because there was a handful of mothers that were waiting for their kids to come out and sing to them. It was a sweet program and it made me feel very loved as a mother. Grandma Mary came with me too and I know she really enjoyed it. They all made me a very special gift and I was very touched. What an awesome afternoon. Being the mother of these three special little souls is the best gift I have ever been given!!!

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